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New Pictures Recently Discovered

"Speaking of 1980s AMA races, here is what I have found. A guy down the street was a young reporter in the Loudon area in 1980. Not knowing anything about motorcycle races, he went with a photographer friend to the Loudon race. His friend set him up with a camera and a few pointers and said Good Luck. Well, what I have is 70+ pictures of that day. Some good, some fuzzy. There are a few side car shots of the #s 21, 44, 5,7,1,45,and 71. Some of Freddie Spencer, Rich Schlachter and Adamo`s bike in the water. Action shots and stuff."

Steve Baker

Photos by Gary J. Remal.

The Real Johnny B.


How Many People Do You Recognise?

Mike Velasco is holding Freddie Spencer's bike (#8), Nick Richichi (#53) is casually standing next to his bike while Alan Hathway is holding it. The hippie with the camera is John Owens. In the background is Jimmy Adamo in the black T-shirt talking to Reno Leoni, who is wearing his trademark straw hat.


Freddie Spencer Shares a Chuckle with Rich Schlachter


Lynn Griffis

Miss Winston Pro Series works her way past the Honda entourage

Oh My God! It's......

Jerry Wood, holding Johnny B's racebike. AAMRR Referee Fred Mitchell is hidden behind Johnny B.
Jerry told me he still has the bike!

Gene Romero

Sporting Busch livery.

LuLu's Lagoon

Reno Leoni and crew retrieve Jimmy Adamo's Yamaha from the pond.