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Meet Our Latest Cover Girl!

I'm sure all of you were tired of seeing Buck in drag, so here's Tiesa. We were ready to name her "Miss Gator Bait" for life, but Joy came out of nowhere this year to clinch the title for 2007. As a consolation, Tiesa shall be the cover girl for the Rest Home site. Visit her at  Have you credit card handy! I'll be editing this site soon, so all of you noobs take in what's here now before it's gone.

MotoGP came back to Laguna Seca after an eleven year absence. Check out "MotoGP at Laguna Seca". Also, Tom Fournier and friends introduce "Hotties with Umbrellas".

Local newspaper reporter Gary Remal went to the 1980 Laconia Classic, armed with a camera he had just learned how to use. Twenty five years later, these photos are shown to the public for the first time. I posted seven of them, plus the link where you can see all 73 of them in a slide show.

Also, a Rest Home Exclusive! The Char Boyz hot act hits Mid-Ohio!

You've heard about this incident for months. Now I deliver the goods with these pictures taken from the adjacent Wallyworld compound.

"This guy has WAY too much time on his hands!" - Steve Aspland


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September 11, 2001
Photo By Nick Kornfeld
The Other Loudon